ZHANG Zheng / 张诤 LL.M. (Nanjing & Göttingen)

ZHANG Zheng / 张诤 LL.M. (Nanjing & Göttingen)

ZHANG Zheng / 张诤 LL.M. (Nanjing & Göttingen)


T +86 21 5010 7591

Industries China

Areas of practice

ZHANG Zheng has been practicing as a professional lawyer since 2011. She focuses on foreign investment, M&A, compliance and internal investigation and dispute resolution. ZHANG Zheng participated in numerous M&A transactions of famous European/international enterprises in China, led the legal due diligence and contract drafting portions of the M&A projects; provided compliance related services to various clients in the food and medical industries, including compliance training, compliance checking and internal investigation; she participated and took on a leading role in many domestic and international arbitration and litigation cases covering Sino-foreign JV disputes, R&D disputes in the automotive industry, international sales contracts, product liability disputes and disputes in construction projects, etc. In addition, she also represented German enterprises in China in the labor arbitration procedures, and provided legal advice on employee settlement plans in their relocation, reorganisation and liquidation processes. ZHANG Zheng is heading the disputes resolution team in Shanghai.


Zhang Zheng holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in law from Nanjing University. After receiving her master's degree in law from the University of Gottingen in 2010, she joined Luther Shanghai and is since then with Luther.