ZHANG Zheng / 张诤 LL.M. (Nanjing/Göttingen)

ZHANG Zheng / 张诤 LL.M. (Nanjing/Göttingen)

ZHANG Zheng / 张诤 LL.M. (Nanjing/Göttingen)

Shanghai, China

T +86 21 5010 7591

Industries China

Areas of Practice

Ms. Zhang's focus areas are foreign direct investment in China as well as anti-monopoly law, corporate law and employment law. She also participates in litigation and arbitration proceedings as clients' agent ad litem.


Zhang Zheng was born in 1985. She studied law at Nanjing University, China, and the University of Göttingen, Germany. In 2007 she passed the national bar examination. In 2010 she joined Luther in Shanghai as an Attorney-at-law.