PAN Shujun / 潘淑君 LL.M. (Nanjing & Göttingen)

PAN Shujun / 潘淑君 LL.M. (Nanjing & Göttingen)

PAN Shujun / 潘淑君 LL.M. (Nanjing & Göttingen)


T +86 21 5010 6581

Industries China

Areas of practice

PAN Shujun’s main consulting areas include trade and distribution law, construction and infrastructure, as well as competition law. After joining Luther, she has provided long-term legal advice for German and European enterprises investing in China, covering the internal management and external transactions of enterprises, especially the compliance of foreign-funded enterprises' business activities in China and the conclusion and performance of various civil and commercial contracts.


Pan Shujun holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in from Nanjing University. She studied also at the Law School of Gottingen University (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen) in Germany and obtained a master of law degree during her study. She passed the Chinese National Judicial Examination in 2014 and joined Luther Shanghai in 2018.