Manuel Zimmermann, LL.M. (Haifa), EMLE

Manuel Zimmermann, LL.M. (Haifa), EMLE

Manuel Zimmermann, LL.M. (Haifa), EMLE

Frankfurt a.M.

T +49 69 27229 21160

Certified Specialist in Public procurement Law
Senior Associate
Industries Real Estate & Infrastructure

Areas of practice

Manuel Zimmermann's advisory work focuses on providing legal assistance to contracting authorities or tenderers in EU-wide contract award procedures, public invitations to tender, complex procurement projects or structured tendering procedures. He helps contracting authorities prepare the tender documents, evaluate the tenders, organise presentations by tenderers and negotiations, document contract award decisions, and handle inquiries and complaints from tenderers, amongst other things. Furthermore, he advises and represents contracting authorities or tenderers in contract award review proceedings before the competent public procurement chamber or the appeal body at the competent higher regional court. Manuel Zimmermann additionally advises contracting authorities and private recipients of funding on how to comply with public procurement law in the context of subsidy relationships. His services further include giving legal opinions on public procurement law issues and providing in-house training regarding public procurement law.


Manuel Zimmermann studied law in Mainz (Germany) and then carried out his legal training, which inter alia included training periods in Koblenz (Germany), at the University of Administrative Sciences in Speyer (Germany), and at the Second Federal Public Procurement Tribunal of the Bundeskartellamt, the German federal competition authority, in Bonn (Germany). Manuel Zimmermann successfully completed a “European Master in Law and Economics” programme in Bologna (Italy), Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Haifa (Israel), writing his final thesis on the question of whether the obligation to subdivide contracts into lots is a contradiction to economic efficiency. Following his admission to the German Bar in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) in 2015, he has worked as a lawyer in public procurement law and contract award management since 2016 and has been a certified specialist in public procurement law since 2018. Manuel Zimmermann joined Luther in February 2020.


  • forum vergabe e. V., a German public procurement association;
  • DVNW, a German public procurement network;
  • DIJV, the Israeli German Lawyers Association