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Thi Ha

Higher Grade Pleader

Luther Law Firm Limited
Uniteam Marine Office Building, Level 8, Unit #1
84 Pan Hlaing Street, Sanchaung Township
Yangon 11111

Phone + 95 1 230 1609
Fax +95 1 230 1353

Languages: English
Curriculum vitae

Thi Ha was born in Yangon, Myanmar in 1985. He studied law at the University of Dagon, Myanmar, and financial services in Melbourne, Australia. Subsequently, Thi Ha practiced as a civil litigator before he joined international law firms from the United States and Japan to practice corporate law. Thi Ha has worked with Luther in Yangon, Myanmar since February 2015.

Areas of Practice

Thi Ha primarily advises on corporate and contract law. His clients include multi-national enterprises as well as government organisations and international non-governmental organisations in Myanmar. He further has an extensive background in civil litigation and been involved in the drafting of various laws and regulations.