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Paul Schreiner

Certified Specialist in employment law

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Gildehofstraße 1
45127 Essen

Phone +49 201 9220 11691
Fax +49 201 9220 110

Languages: German, English

Curriculum vitae

Paul Schreiner was born in 1974. He studied law at the University of Cologne (Germany) and then carried out his legal training in Cologne and San Francisco (USA). Paul Schreiner was admitted to the German Bar in November 2004 and has worked as an employment lawyer ever since. In addition to providing legal services, he has also published numerous articles in magazines, books and online.

Paul Schreiner is a lecturer teaching company law as part of the “RUBlaw-active” course at Ruhr University in Bochum (Germany) and the head of Luther’s employment law practice.

Areas of Practice

Paul Schreiner deals primarily with restructuring projects and collective disputes between employers and works councils. He additionally assists with matters pertaining to company pension schemes and provides transaction advice. In addition, his activities focus on the area of group restructuring under co-determination law.