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Dr. Karl von Hase


Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Graf-Adolf-Platz 15
40213 Dusseldorf

Phone + 49 211 5660 25035
Fax + 49 211 5660 110

Languages: Italian, German, English, French
Curriculum vitae

Karl von Hase, born 1968 in Rome, studied in Heidelberg, Germany, Urbino, Italy and Speyer, Germany, and passed both his graduation and bar examinations with major distinctions (“großes Prädikatsexamen”). He worked in a law firm in Haifa, Israel, and as a research assistant for civil and employment law at Heidelberg University before achieving a Ph.D (1998). From 1999 he worked for an international law firm, spending several months at their London office. He became a Partner with another major German law firm in 2005 and joined Luther in 2014.

Areas of Practice

Dr. Karl von Hase is a recognised specialist (“Fachanwalt”) in commercial and corporate law. He is bilingual in German and Italian (state-certified translator). He assists companies in all issues relating to commercial and corporate law, having particular expertise in cross-border cases, e.g. regarding international distribution or the sale of machinery and M&A. He assists his clients also in disputes, in and out-of-court, e.g. in disputes between shareholders or post M&A. He is widely experienced in international arbitration, also as an arbitrator or chairman of an arbitral tribunal.

  • Chairman of an arbitral tribunal deciding a dispute between shareholders as to an exit compensation
  • Co-arbitrator in a dispute as to the winding-up of a realestate partnership between two partners
  • Representing a party in an international arbitration between a British, a German, an Italian and a Spanish company regarding a common defence project
  • Representing a party in an international arbitration between a US and a German company regarding post M&A litigation
  • Defending a major Italian producer in court against its German distributor after termination of the distribution contract for cause
  • Advising clients in different jointventureprojects (e.g. in Russia, China, Algeria)