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Dr. Helmut Janssen, LL.M. (London)


Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Graf-Adolf-Platz 15
40213 Dusseldorf

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Avenue Louise 326
1050 Brussels

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Languages: German, English, French
Curriculum vitae

Dr. Helmut Janssen was born in 1966. He studied law and political science at the University of Münster, Germany, and was an assistant at the Institute of International Business, later earning his doctorate there. He earned his Master of Laws (LL.M) from King's College London, England. His legal clerkship included placements in Hamburg, Toronto, and Brussels. He was admitted to the bar in 1997, practiced in Hamburg and Budapest and has headed Luther’sBrussels office since 2003. He advises an international client base on all questions concerning German and European competition law (anti-trust law, state aid law, foreign trade).

Areas of Practice

Dr. Janssen specialises in European and German anti-trust law. This especially includes compliance measures and defence against anti-trust claims, foreign and domestic merger control proceedings, distribution systems and cooperation agreements between competitors. Dr. Helmut Janssen also assists in a wide range of public grants cases related to EU state aid. A further area of expertise is international trade law, WTO as well as EU anti-subvention/anti-dumping policy. He has also written a reference textbook on anti-trust law (5th edition in 2015) and numerous professional articles.

Court-approved antitrust mediator
Dr. Helmut Janssen is an antitrust mediator approved by the competent German Court of Appeal. As a mediator, he specialises in the out-of-court settlement of claims arising under antitrust law, e.g., for damages, injunctive relief, and supply. A procedure before an antitrust mediator offers several advantages. An agreement concluded by the parties in front of a court-approved mediator has the same effect as a state court judgment.

  • Defense against claims of price fixing allegations before the European Commission and the US Department of Justice (sanitary equipment industry), action before the General Court and the European Court of Justice (pending, C-604/13 P)
  • Defense against anti-trust infringement allegations before the European Commission and in the action before the European Court of Justice (Calciumcarbide, T-400/09)
  • EU merger control proceedings, such as clearing the establishment of a joint venture within the pharmaceutical industry (Sanacorp/Cerp Rouen/Millennium), the acquisition of control of Extra-Holding over the Israeli IDB Group (EXTRA HOLDING / DOLPHIN / IDBD), the participation of Post NL, Madsack Media Group and Georg von Holtzbrinck in a joint venture for postal services (MVD/POSTCON/ADVO)
  • Numerous German and multi-jurisdiction merger control proceedings (e.g. Phase-II proceeding for the hospital Friedrichshafen in the acquisition of the Tettnang hospital; ThyssenKrupp in an IT outsourcing project).
  • Numerous consultations of investors and public companies on the legal structure of an investment, as well as defense against grievances made by third parties before the European Commission (subvention law, EU subsidy control)
  • Numerous actions before the General Court oft eh EU against state aid decisions of the European Commission (e.g. T-230/14, T-235/14, T-276/14, T-109/15, T-294/15, T-319/15)
  • Comprehensive advice of an importer in opposition to the introduction of importation quotas by the EU, assistance of the involved government in WTO-related questions, successful negotiations with the Commission in the legislation procedure
  • Approval of a medical product by the European Commission