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Dr. Christoph von Burgsdorff, LL.M. (Essex)

Certified Specialist in commercial and corporate law

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Gänsemarkt 45
20354 Hamburg

Phone +49 40 18067 12179
Fax +49 40 18067 110

Languages: German, English
Curriculum vitae

Dr Christoph von Burgsdorff was born in 1974. After studying law in Kiel, Germany, and Surrey, England, from 1994 to 1999, he went on to receive a Master of Laws degree from the University of Essex, England. In 2001, he obtained his doctorate in European Union Law from the University of Kiel. He was admitted to the German Bar in 2003 and has been working for Luther ever since. In 2006, Christoph von Burgsdorff completed a secondment with the law firm Pinsent Masons in London, England.

Christoph von Burgsdorff and Vilma Remmert-Fontes head Luther’s Nordic Desk.

Areas of Practice

Christoph von Burgsdorff specialises in representing companies in national and international litigation and arbitration proceedings, with a particular focus on commercial and distribution law and company law. Christoph von Burgsdorff and his team additionally advise on how to draft and negotiate supply contracts and distribution agreements, commercial leases, sales contracts and all kinds of ancillary agreements and also provide company (partnerships and corporations) law advice. Christoph von Burgsdorff's main industry focus is on energy, automotive, maritime and shipping, logistics, and mechanical and plant engineering and construction. His clients primarily include medium-sized and large companies, for whom Christoph von Burgsdorff drafts and negotiates contracts and performs litigation work.



  • US toy manufacturer – Ongoing advice on commercial and distribution law
  • Automotive supplier – Ongoing advice on commercial and distribution law, general terms and conditions, and joint venture
  • Medium-sized packaging company – Ongoing advice on commercial and distribution law, general terms and conditions, and joint venture
  • Automotive supplier – Ongoing advice on commercial and distribution law, drafting of purchasing agreements and supply contracts
  • Machine tool manufacturer – Ongoing advice on cross-border litigation and arbitration, commercial and distribution law, and joint venture
  • German media agency – Advice on how to draft purchasing and distribution agreements, drafting of terms and conditions of purchase
  • Manufacturer of conveyor technology – Out-of-court assertion of claims for remuneration against a foreign contracting party in connection with an agreement on the manufacture and supply of conveyor systems
  • German metal-casting company – Out-of-court representation in connection with the assertion of warranty claims against a supplier
  • Medium-sized steel-casting company – Advice on how to draft a contract in connection with the outsourcing of logistics services

Litigation / Dispute Resolution

  • German plant construction company – Advice in a legal dispute with the state-owned oil company of an Asian country regarding the implementation of a plant construction and supply contract
  • Romanian group of companies – Representation in a legal dispute to defend alleged claims of the other contracting party’s insolvency administrator under a contract for work and services in connection with the supply of steel for the construction of a power plant in Germany
  • Steel producer – Representation in proceedings regarding a neighbouring company’s alleged claims for injunctive relief under ambient pollution control law
  • Representation of an energy producer in a legal dispute in connection with the non-performance of a supply contract with an Indonesian supplier for several hundred thousand tons of coal
  • German project company of an Austrian wind farm operator – Representation in a legal dispute in connection with the reversal of a wind farm project
  • German automotive supplier – Regular representation in proceedings regarding contract law disputes (purchasing and distribution)
  • Italian group of companies – Representation in a lawsuit against a German DAX company in a post-M&A dispute regarding claims for adjustment of the purchase price
  • Estonian transport and logistics company – Representation in an action regarding alleged claims for mal-performance of a transport agreement
  • US toy manufacturer – Representation in court in a product liability case
  • German shipping company – Representation in a legal dispute with a consulting firm
  • German IT services provider – Enforcement of fee claims
  • German project developer – Enforcement of claims in connection with the reversal of a property purchase agreement regarding former barracks grounds in Northern Germany


  • German shipyard – Representation in ad-hoc arbitration proceedings under German law against a Turkish customer with regard to alleged warranty claims under a ship building contract
  • Chinese trading company – Representation in ad-hoc arbitration proceedings against a German contracting party for non-performance of an annual supply contract
  • Company in the United Arab Emirates – Advice and representation in connection with ad-hoc arbitration proceedings due to the German contracting party’s failure to supply a paper production plant to Pakistan
  • German brewery group – Representation in ICC arbitration proceedings against a contracting party in a Central American country
  • German energy producer – Representation in arbitration proceedings according to the Swiss Rules of International Arbitration against an Italian trading partner
  • German energy provider – Advice in connection with arbitration proceedings conducted according to the Arbitration Rules of the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) for damages arising from a sea freight transaction


  • Austrian joint stock company – Comprehensive out-of-court advice in connection with the termination of a joint venture regarding the development of wind-turbine projects in Eastern Europe
  • Advice to a German company in a dispute with a joint venture partner in the area of petroleum production in a Central Asian country
  • German packaging company – Assertion of a claim for repayment of a loan arising from a failed joint venture against a Czech contracting party
  • European holding of an international group of companies – Devising of a complex dispute settlement mechanism in the company agreement