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Dr. Benjamin Hub

Certified Specialist in commercial and corporate law

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
Gänsemarkt 45
20354 Hamburg

Phone +49 40 18067 12182
Fax +49 40 18067 110

Languages: English, German

Curriculum vitae

Dr. Benjamin Hub was born in 1976. He studied law at the Universities of Kiel, Germany, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Berlin, Germany and received his doctorate on an insolvency law issue in 2005. He has worked for Luther since 2006.

Areas of Practice

Dr. Hub advises on all matters pertaining to corporate and insolvency law, in particular, on financing and recapitalisation/reorganisation issues in the maritime sector and on disputes among shareholders. His clients include investment companies, shipping companies and banks.

His advisory services in the area of corporate law include providing on-going advice to managing directors, management board members and shareholders; the incorporation and restructuring of companies, especially with the participation of foreign companies or shareholders; and representing his clients in judicial disputes among shareholders.

Dr. Hub sits on the advisory boards of various companies from the maritime sector.