11.07.2018 // Dr Ulrich Philippi // Cornelia Yzer // Studien: Medizintechnik neu //

Market Survey Medical Technology


The market for medical technology is a global growth market with a high speed of innovation. Up to now, German medium sized companies have been able to secure competitive advantages due to their strong innovative drive. Due to sharply increased competition and cost pressures, stricter regulatory requirements and the new challenges posed by digitalization, the industry is currently undergoing profound changes, especially in Germany and Europe. This has led to a significant increase in consolidation in the industry and will continue to influence the M&A market.

It is therefore now more necessary than ever to review business models to ensure they are competitive and viable in the future and to develop individual solutions that also enable medium sized companies to defend their competitive position in the global market.

This was an opportunity for us to carry out a detailed analysis of the market and assess the needs for action so that we can support your company in the transformation process with tailor-made solutions.

Clairfield International MedTech Survey

Dirk Freiland, Clairfield International
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