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Thomas Miller acquires Hanseatic Underwriters and companies of the Zeller Associates Group with Luther

Hamburg - The insurance company Thomas Miller, founded in London in 1885, acquired Hanseatic Underwriters and other companies of the Hamburg insurance company Zeller Associates. A Luther team advised Thomas Miller on the transaction.

Thomas Miller is one of the world's leading insurance providers of liability insurance for maritime risks and has been the manager of the UK P & J Club, the world's second largest shipping liability insurance association, for many years.

With the acquisition of Hanseatic Underwriters, these insurance services can now be offered within the EU.

Thomas Miller will thus be able to offer "fixed premium" liability insurance, which is interesting for smaller cargo ships, and will expand this special business in Hamburg over the next few years.

In addition, further companies of Zeller Associates will be taken over, which specialize in claims processing and the handling of insurance portfolios.


About Thomas Miller

Founded in 1885, Thomas Miller’s origins are in the provision of management services to mutual organisations, particularly in the international transport and professional indemnity sectors; where today they manage a large percentage of the foremost insurance mutuals. Thomas Miller also manages insurance facilities for all the self-employed barristers in England & Wales, as well as trustees of pension schemes, patent agents and housing associations.


About Zeller Associates

The Zeller Associates Group provides risk related and insurance services mainly for shipping, trade and transport, but also in other specialist areas such as the cruise and tourism industry. Its objective is to provide a professional service on an international level but with local expertise as regards assessing, managing and covering standard and special risks.


For Thomas Miller

Luther, Corporate / M&A: Dr. Florian Schulz (Partner), Ulf Bertheau (Of Counsel, both lead), Guido Wenzel (Partner), Dr. Amos Münch

Luther, Employment Law: Dr. Volker Schneider (Partner), Sandra Sfinis

Luther, Insurance Law: Dr. Alexander Mönnig

Luther, IP/IT: Dr. Kay Oelschlägel (Partner), Dominik Menhaj

Luther, Tax: Ulrich Siegemund (Partner), Ramona Hubracht

Luther, Antitrust Law: Dr. Helmut Janssen (Partner)