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Dr. Michael Krömker

Smart Grids: Luther assists LACROIX Group on acquiring SAE IT-systems

7. Februar 2019


Dusseldorf – French mid cap company, LACROIX Group has acquired SAE IT-systems, a specialised provider of connected equipment to monitor and secure electric grid and renewable energy infrastructures.  Luther lawfirm advised LACROIX Group.


Listed on Euronext, the LACROIX Group is an international technological equipment supplier whose ambition is to put its technical and industrial excellence at the service of a connected and responsible world. It is located in France, Germany, Poland, Tunisia, Spain, Italy and Singapore.

LACROIX Group supplies safe, connected equipment to manage smart road infrastructure (signage, traffic management, street lighting, V2X) through LACROIX City, and by managing water and energy infrastructures through LACROIX Sofrel. LACROIX Group also develops and produces the electronic equipment of its customers in the automobile, home automation, aeronautic and manufacturing industries and also the health industry through LACROIX Electronics.

SAE IT-systems is developing and producing telecontrol and substation automation technology for use in electricity, gas, heating, water, industry and infrastructure.

With SAE IT-systems, LACROIX Group will now be able to address the electric grids challenges of tomorrow, such as the integration, monitoring and control of renewable sources of energy, the creation of intelligent distribution networks and control of consumptions. All these new skills bring the Group on the energy networks and the “smart grids” markets.

Luther’s brought its dedicated expertise in the energy and infrastructure sector to the deal.

For LACROIX Group:

Luther, M&A/Corporate: Dr. Michael Krömker, MBA (Partner, lead), Kamil Flak, Marc Urlichs (all Dusseldorf), Michael Ströbel, LL.M. (Stuttgart)

Luther, Antitrust Competition and Regulatory: Guido Jansen (Partner), Anne Caroline Wegner, LL.M. (Partner), Franz-Rudolf Groß, LL.M., Benjamin Schwenker, Julia Lechtenböhmer (all Dusseldorf)

Luther, Environment Planning Regulatory: Dr. Stefan Altenschmidt, LL.M. (Partner, Dusseldorf)

Luther, Real Estate: Dr. Philipp Pröbsting (Partner, Dusseldorf)

Luther, Employment: Hans-Christian Ackermann (Partner, Dusseldorf)

Luther, Tax: Nicole Fröhlich (Partner), Ulrich Siegemund (Partner), Ramona Hubracht, LL.M., Nicole Rauer, LL.M., Jessica Lüddecke (all Frankfurt am Main)

Luther, IP/IT: Sebastian Laoutoumai, LL.M. (Essen)

LACROIX Group  Legal Department: Franck Legrand (General Counsel)