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Practice Guide Outsourcing 2019: Luther analyses trends in Germany

The global outsourcing market is on the move and is constantly changing as a result of new technological developments. Chambers & Partners has published a current Practice Guide for 22 countries. Dr. Markus Sengpiel, Dr. Maximilian Dorndorf, Dr. Michael Rath and Dr. Wulff Axel Schmidt have contributed the article for Germany. They highlight market trends ranging from IT outsourcing and business process outsourcing to new technologies such as M2M communication. 

The Chambers Practice Guides provide a legal commentary on the most important areas of law around the world. Their aim is to identify and compare current legal issues in various jurisdictions in a number of business-critical areas of law.

The Practice Guide Outsourcing 2019 for Germany can be found at the following link: https://practiceguides.chambersandpartners.com/practice-guides/outsourcing-2019/germany