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South Africa / Africa Desk

Our Africa/South Africa Desk has reliable long-time contacts in South Africa and many other African countries, so that we can provide advisory services in all important areas of the law throughout the African continent.

Our advisory services in detail:

  • Advising on the formation of companies, M&A transactions and real estate transactions
  • Advising on cross-border financing and funding transactions
  • Providing project development advice in the areas of infrastructure, health care, energy and logistics
  • Advising on the formation of companies and on transactions, also in and from Asia from and to Africa
  • Providing comprehensive advice on supply relationships and distribution systems, including foreign trade and payments law, liability issues, security for payments, protection of intellectual property and dispute resolution (litigation/arbitration) in these areas
  • Employment law and secondments
  • Tax law

We provide all our advisory services in German and English.


Volker Steimle, Partner
Phone +49 221 9937 24820

South Africa Africa Desk