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Nordic Desk

Our Baltic Desk advises companies in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, especially when they wish to establish subsidiaries in Germany, as well as in disputes with German contract partners. We further assist German companies in selecting law firms in the Baltic countries for the implementation of projects and for litigation purposes.

Our advisory services in detail:

  • Formation of companies
  • Assisting German clients with their activities in the Baltic
  • Assisting with contractual negotiations and judicial proceedings
  • Arbitration proceedings (registered as an arbitrator with the Vilnius Commercial Arbitration Court since 2013)

We provide all our advisory services in German, English, Russian and Lithuanian.


Dr. Christoph von Burgsdorff, LL.M. (Essex), Partner
Phone +49 40 18067 12179

Dr. Richard Happ, Partner
Phone +49 40 18067 12766

Detlev Stoecker, Partner
Phone +49 30 52133 21141