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Australian Desk

Working closely with leading Australian law firms and with the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK) in Sydney (Australia), our Australian Desk advises German clients on their transactions and business in Australia, as well as Australian companies on their investments and their distribution and supply activities in Germany.

The continuous exchange of professional and personal information between the lawyers involved and the relevant institutions in both countries ensures that our clients receive the best possible advice from experienced, well-functioning teams.

Our advisory services in detail:

  • Formation of companies and joint development of market entry strategies
  • Cross-border corporate transactions, such as mergers
  • Share purchase and transfer agreements (M&A)
  • Expansion of the inbound business from Australia to Germany – in particular for Australian companies carrying on their European business from Australia
  • Expansion of the outbound business – development of strong mutual business relations between German clients and Australian-based advisors (law/tax/finance etc.) in order to organise and/or support business activities in Australia
  • Setting up of German and/or European sales structures (authorised dealers/sales agents) and support with the setting up of sales structures in Australia
  • Commercial activities, such as conducting negotiations and providing on-going advice in connection with cross-border trade (movables and machinery/plants)
  • Advice on and drafting of transport agreements (for shipment by sea, air and land)
  • Litigation/arbitration: we conduct proceedings on behalf of our clients and provide advice within the context of such proceedings if they are pending in Australia. For proceedings in Australia, we rely on our well-functioning network.

We provide all our advisory services in German and English.


Addisons Lawyers


Dr. Steffen Gaber, LL.M. (Sydney), Partner
Phone +49 711 9338 19192

Australian Desk