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Automotive and mobility

The Automotive industry is traditionally one of the biggest and strongest industries in Germany. Operating internationally like few others, this industry is continuously setting new trends at the level of OEMs, suppliers, service providers, logistics providers or advisors, but also requires advisory networks operating worldwide, not least in Eastern Europe and Asia. Companies of all sizes cooperate within the framework of very specific conditions - in the supply chain, R&D, production and distribution. Legal advisors can only add value if they are familiar and fully acquainted with the particularities of this industry, its special rules and requirements and if they adopt an ambitious, result-oriented approach. The advice requested by companies from the automotive industry covers almost all the practice areas of a "full-service" law firm.      

Our Range of Services:  

Commercial and Distribution Law

  • Supplier relationships - drafting of or assessing the risks emanating from supply contracts including ancillary agreements (tooling agreements, delivery call-off systems, logistics contracts, quality assurance agreements, warranty agreements, etc.), as well as dispute resolution
  • Procurement risk management - process-oriented advice regarding the limitation of purchasing risks
  • Distribution law - design of distribution systems in Germany and abroad, drafting of the relevant agreements as well as dispute resolution

Product Liability / Product Safety

  • Defence against claims in and out of court, enforcement of rights of recourse against suppliers or insurers, advice on the implementation of product recalls, representation when dealing with regulatory authorities, design of recall management systems and drafting of required documentation

Corporate Law / M&A

  • Advice on the establishment, implementation and termination of national or international joint ventures
  • Advice on the acquisition or sale of companies, acquisition of shares or interests in other companies, due diligence
  • Advice on reorganisations / restructurings within the supply chain, "Red Flag Due Diligence"

Employment Law

  • Measures to reduce personnel costs, particularly collective reorganisation agreements
  • Design of flexible working time models
  • Employee invention law
  • Seconding employees abroad

Protection of Intellectual Property

  • Developing and implementing property right strategies, e.g. within the supply chain
  • Protecting technical inventions by registration of intellectual property rights
  • Drafting R&D agreements, license agreements
  • Advice on and dispute resolution regarding property right disputes


  • Equity and debt financing, financing R&D projects
  • Dealer financing, factoring agreements
  • Financing acquisitions and shares or interests

Antitrust Law

  • Advice on the establishment and implementation of joints ventures
  • Advice on antitrust issues within the supply chain, distribution antitrust law
  • Advice on German and European merger control
  • Advice on compliance matters and representation vis-à-vis regulatory authorities

Litigation and Arbitration

  • Representation in disputes in or out of court regarding the enforcement of or defence against claims in all of the areas of law mentioned
  • Representation in national and international arbitration proceedings
  • Advice on international investment protection and representation in legal proceedings

Tax Law

  • Advice on transfer pricing systems within a group of companies and documentation of procedures
  • Optimising distribution systems for tax purposes
  • Development of tax structures in the context of transactions, advice with respect to the establishment and implementation of joint ventures

Public Commercial Law / Environmental Law

  • Advice on, and representation in application proceedings for required permits under immission control law and all public-law issues regarding the operation of industrial plants


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