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Brexit - the impacts

The British citizens’ vote in favour of the ‘Brexit’ will have far-reaching political and economic consequences for the EU. The impact it will have on companies within the EU is still not fully predictable and will fundamentally depend on the content and the outcome of the negotiations on the UK’s withdrawal. It is clear however, that the decision to ‘Brexit’ will create factual and legal uncertainties for a long time.

In the meantime, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has announced the UK’s exit from the EU. This marks the formal beginning for the negotiations on the terms of the UK’s withdrawal, which according to Article 50 TFEU will last two years. This negotiation period can only be extended upon the European Council’s unanimous decision thereto. It is currently not at all clear whether it will be possible to maintain the existing economic and regulatory framework to any extent at all.

In the regularly updated analysis below, we would like to demonstrate, in which areas of law changes could arise after the final withdrawal of the UK from the EU and which are the next steps to be expected from both sides.

Up-to-date information on legally compliant handling of the challenges of Brexit

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