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White-collar crime & compliance

Your company and its decision makers are faced today with increasingly strict regulatory requirements, an increase in the intensity with which investigative authorities conduct their prosecution and supervisory activities, and the employment of laws and regulations relating to white collar crime as a means of steering the economy and making economic policy. Consequently, entrepreneurs must be more aware than ever of the risks resulting from criminal law and from the law governing administrative offences, also because they are otherwise at risk of rendering themselves criminally and personally liable.

This is why we assist our clients already in advance, before it comes to any offences, with the setting up of organisational, business and decision-making processes in an effort to prevent any risk of sanctions being imposed. However, we also provide our assistance when our clients are faced with a crisis and when it comes to clarifying circumstances internally or examining suspicious facts.

Our White Collar Crime & Compliance team has for many years been specialising in advising clients with regard to white collar crime and administrative offences.

Overview of our services:

I.White collar crime and fiscal offences

  • Preventive advice with regard to white collar crime
  • Representing and defending companies
  • Representing and defending individuals
  • Parliamentary investigation committees

II. Internal investigations to clarify compliance violations

III. Compliance advice

  • Setting up and reviewing compliance systems
  • Drafting compliance policies
  • Compliance trainings
  • 3rd party due diligence
  • M&A compliance
  • Ombudsman and setting up whistle-blower systems


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