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Restructuring and insolvency

Corporate recovery and restructuring services

  • Comprehensive and timely corporate recovery and restructuring advice (relating to corporate law, labour law and insolvency law)
  • Close collaboration and liaison with certified public accountants/ tax advisors in the preparation of financial plans


Advisory services to creditors

  • Advice to businesses with insolvent or crisis-stricken customers and suppliers
  • Insolvency-optimised design of supply agreements, general terms of business, framework agreements etc.
  • Comprehensive, competent and fast assistance in the event of a contractual partner's insolvency
  • Creditor coaching during insolvency proceedings, e.g. as member of a creditors' committee


Insolvency-related advice/ preventive insolvency consultancy services

  • Development of strategies to prevent an insolvency application, e.g. subordination agreements or letters of comfort
  • Use of alternative financing instruments
  • Assistance with the wording of the insolvency application
  • Comprehensive advice on risks to which company directors/ shareholders are exposed and risk assessments
  • Advice on potential liquidator claims against company directors/ shareholders
  • Minimisation of potential criminal law consequences for company directors/ shareholders


Transferred reorganisation

  • Advisory services to the liquidator/ shareholders/ company directors with regard to optimising the recovery process ("transferred reorganisation") so that the company or individual company divisions can continue to operate


Rescission advice

  • Advice to creditors on averting unjustified rescission claims
  • Advice to liquidators on asserting justified rescission claims


Insolvency planning

  • Recovery of original corporate entity on the basis of an insolvency plan
  • Detailed preparation of a complete insolvency plan (the part describing the measures taken since insolvency and the part describing how the insolvency plan will change legal position of the interested parties)


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Restructuring and insolvency