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Public subsidies/state aid law

Both private and public companies receive state funding in many different forms: guarantees, capital grants, reduced interest rates, properties at reduced prices, tax privileges, etc. If such funding is subsequently withdrawn from these companies, this causes serious problems for them, from higher financing costs to their very existence being threatened. In collaboration with the public sector and the privileged companies, we find a way to grant state funding in such a manner as to ensure that the recipient can keep the funding. We develop legally safe structures and successfully undertake the defence against objections by competitors and the European Commission. This applies to large infrastructure projects, privatisations, financing transactions, investments, and corporate acquisitions, but also to the award of single contracts.

If competitors receive state funding without there being a legitimate reason, companies can insist upon a level playing field being established again. We help such companies either to receive such funding themselves or to achieve that the state funding is withdrawn from the privileged competitor.

Due to our experts’ presence in Germany and Brussels, our clients have the best possible chances of success.


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Public subsidies/state aid law