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Notarial advice

At Luther’s Berlin, Essen, Frankfurt and Hannover offices, our civil-law notaries particularly provide advice on corporate law issues and real-estate transactions, as well as on all matters pertaining to family and inheritance law. Of course, all our notaries also record deeds in the English language. They are supported by highly competent teams who handle the work processes in the notaries’ departments using the latest technology, thus assisting German and foreign clients in implementing notarial acts.

Our notaries provide advice, draft documents, officially record documents and prepare minutes in the following areas of law, amongst others:

Company law:

  • Formation of partnerships and corporations, such as German limited liability company (GmbH), German stock corporation (AG) or European company (SE)
  • Articles of association and shareholders’ or partners’ resolutions
  • Relocation of registered offices or opening and closing of branch establishments
  • General meetings and shareholder meetings
  • Conclusion of agreements regarding the acquisition of companies, both in the form of an asset deal and in the form of a share deal
  • Structural corporate measures and corporate actions, such as capital increases, or company reorganisations, such as mergers, business divisions or changes of legal form
  • Control and profit and loss transfer agreements
  • Pledging of shares
  • Property succession and corporate succession
  • Notifications to the commercial register

Real estate and property law:

  • Drafting, conclusion and implementation of property purchase and delivery agreements
  • Property development agreements and other agreements regarding the acquisition of properties for construction purposes
  • Creation and cancellation of charges on land
  • Granting of rights of usufruct, easements and rights of first refusal
  • Creation of apartment ownership and part ownership
  • Creation of heritable building rights

Family law:

  • Drafting of pre-/postnuptial agreements (in particular, agreements on marital property rights, maintenance, and pension rights adjustments, agreements with an international dimension, agreements regarding rights to a compulsory portion)
  • Drafting of agreements with regard to the consequences of a separation or divorce, apportionment of assets and liabilities
  • Declarations of joint custody, durable powers of attorney allowing the agent to handle the affairs of the principal if the latter becomes incapacitated, living wills

Inheritance law:

  • Drafting of wills in the private sphere
  • Entrepreneurs’ wills
  • Drafting of contracts of inheritance
  • Arrangements regarding anticipated succession and waiver of the compulsory portion
  • Partition agreements among co-heirs
  • Of course, our notaries will also assist you with all other matters where a notary’s services are needed.


Dr. Arnd Becker, Partner
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Dr. Arndt Begemann, Partner
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Dr. Andreas Blunk, MLE, Of Counsel
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Carsten Brutschke, LL.M. (EHI), Partner
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Dr. Stefan Galla, Partner
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Dr. Ulf Gibhardt, Partner
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Imke Glücks, Partner
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Dr. Manuel Heide, Partner
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Dr. Pascal Heßeling, Of Counsel
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Dr. Christian Horn, LL.M. (Tulane), Partner
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Dr. Cédric Müller, LL.M. (Bristol), Partner
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Detlev Stoecker, Partner
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Andreas Tüxen, LL.M. (American University / WCL), Partner
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