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General development plans and land development, urban development contracts

If you wish to carry out your real estate project on hitherto undeveloped land or on land that is to be used in a new manner, our team can advise you on all matters relating to the development of building ground. We clarify on your behalf what type of development projects can be implemented in a municipality and advise you during the development planning procedure. We contact neighbours and public authorities and handle the reconciliation of interests at an early stage. We further assist you in the event that urban development contracts need to be negotiated.

The earlier you involve us in your project, the earlier we can calculate and manage the risks involved.

Our team’s services at a glance:

  • Advice regarding the creation and modification of spatial plans and how to adjust general development plans to the existing spatial plans and state plans
  • Advice regarding the creation of land use plans
  • Legal assistance with development plan procedures
  • Advice on the required distance from major-accident hazard installations, on emissions (noise, dust, vibration), contaminated sites and conflicts with nature and species conservation law
  • Representation in judicial review proceedings to verify whether specific legal provisions are compatible with superior rules of law
  • Drafting and negotiating urban development contracts in development plan procedures and creation of project and development plans
  • Contract management regarding urban development contracts
  • Verifying compliance with the applicable requirements as to form
  • Advice regarding the lawfulness of urban development contracts
  • Advice on whether there is a requirement to provide security for the contractual obligations assumed and on the appropriate types of security
  • Advice on special problems arising from urban development contracts, such as remediation of contaminated sites and compensation for interferences under nature and species conservation law
  • Contract negotiations with the municipality
  • Representation in judicial proceedings for default under urban development contracts


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