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Family businesses - entrepreneurial families

Our experts in the field of “Family businesses / entrepreneurial families” have a wealth of experience in dealing with issues faced by family-run businesses which require above-average and interdisciplinary knowledge, especially in corporate law, (international) inheritance law, family law and tax law.

  • Choosing the right company type
    (choice of legal form and change of legal form, reorganisation, always taking the tax aspects into account)
  • Family governance
    (ownership structures, advisory board, supervisory board, family constitution)
  • Innovation
    (digitalisation, Industry 4.0, disruptive technologies)
  • Internationality
    (worldwide distribution structures, foreign regional holding, international succession)
  • Conflict prevention
    (mediation, shareholder meetings in family businesses, disputes among shareholders including litigation)
  • Business succession
    (inheritance law and family law, corporate law, tax law)


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Family businesses - entrepreneurial families