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Commercial and distribution law

Trade and distribution law represent a particularly commercial area of law. Trade law, distribution law, product liability/product safety and supply agreements are just some of the legal matters that our clients approach us with. That's why it is extremely important to entrust lawyers that are specialists on this field of law and with the experience to cater to all these legal requirements. State court experience and experience in arbitration proceedings is absolutely essential in commercial disputes or contract drafting. We advise our clients in the following areas:

  • Drafting of development and supply agreements for complex procurement projects, including all ancillary agreements such as call-off agreements, logistics agreements, tool agreements etc.
  • Drafting of quality assurance agreements
  • Review and drafting of general terms and conditions of business (e.g., general terms of purchasing, delivery or service)
  • Drafting of supply chain management contracts
  • Advice on payment securities, particularly in connection with cross-border deliveries
  • Product liability: defence against claims in and out of court, assertion of claims for recourse, advice on the implementation of product recall campaigns
  • Advice on insurance law matters and insurance claims
  • Drafting of distributor ship, agency and franchising agreements, including ancillary agreements such as workshop or after-sales agreements
  • Advice on other distribution agreements such as commission agent agreements or brokerage agreements
  • Representation in all disputes arising from sales agreements in and out of court, be it in state courts or in arbitration proceedings, particularly disputes after the termination of the agreement, including strategic advice in advance of potential disputes
  • Advice on consortium and plant construction agreements
  • Advice on obligations under product safety law
  • Creation of product recall management systems
  • Representation in all disputes in and out of court, be it state courts or arbitration proceedings
  • Contract risk management
  • Implementation of in-house training seminars
  • Advice on foreign trade law and export controlls


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