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Approval of construction projects

We assist you in implementing real estate projects promptly and in a cost-efficient manner. Our team clarifies what type of development project can be implemented and advises you during the development planning and building permit procedure. We also assist you in achieving a reconciliation of interests with neighbours at an early stage.

As lawyers with many years of experience in public building law, we have a broad range of specialist knowledge; this also includes specialist knowledge about the protection of historic monuments, nature and water body conservation law, and waste and contaminated sites law. If your project so requires, we will, of course, work closely with other experts – including architects, specialist engineers, building planners, structural engineers, biologists, water experts, and noise experts. Our team can assist you with the following services:

  • Examining whether construction projects are capable of being approved according to the provisions of the development plan
  • Examining whether construction projects within a part of the built-up area for which no development plan exists are capable of being approved
  • Examining whether construction projects in the outskirts are capable of being approved
  • Advising on building law issues (for example, on required distances or fire prevention)
  • Advising on whether construction projects are capable of being approved under historic monuments protection law
  • Advice and representation in building permit procedures
  • Representation in proceedings to defend against or enforce neighbour’s objections
  • Examining building law issues within the scope of a due diligence review
  • Clarifying the required distances with major-accident hazard establishments


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Approval of construction projects