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In our Nordic Desk, we have combined our advisory services for the Scandinavian and Baltic business. This allows us to support Scandinavian and Baltic companies individually and in a target-oriented manner with specialist knowledge. And also German clients who are already engaged in business in these countries, or who wish to expand their activities to these countries, can benefit from this know-how.

The Scandinavian countries are characterised by above-average economic growth and future-oriented industries. Both the commodity-based industries and the energy sector have always been very strong in Scandinavia. Sectors focussing on know-how, such as medical technology, chemicals, machine engineering and automotive, are another factor contributing to the strength of the Scandinavian economy. The advanced digitisation and a user-friendly legal environment offer good investment opportunities for companies.

The Baltic states, too, provide German companies and investors with numerous opportunities to expand their business. Since the financial crisis, the GDP growth rate of the three Baltic states has by far exceeded the European average growth rate. The many reforms carried out in recent years, the various types of tax relief granted and the expansion of the infrastructure have resulted in the Baltic states becoming increasingly more attractive to investors and start-ups. In particular in the areas of IT/technology and infrastructure, the Baltic states offer interesting opportunities. Not only German investors but also and in particular Scandinavian companies have identified this potential, which is why the latter are among the most important investors in the Baltic states.

The attractiveness for German companies of the economic and legal environment prevailing in the Nordic countries is also shown by the World Bank’s Report (2018). The Baltic and Scandinavian countries have for years been ranked among the best places internationally with regard to both the ease of doing business and the ease of starting a business.

Our Nordic Desk specialises in advising on international business activities in the Scandinavian and Baltic region. The team helps our German clients find appropriate law firms in the relevant countries and, working closely with local lawyers, advises our clients on their business activities and projects. The colleagues on our Nordic Desk team are familiar with the specific legal, economic, political and cultural situation in the respective countries. They can draw on many years of experience and an excellent network and, therefore, can ensure that clients obtain the best possible advice. Our good relations with law firms and companies in Scandinavia and the Baltic states allow an intense exchange of expert knowledge and smooth collaboration, which benefits our clients.

In addition to the above, we advise Baltic and Scandinavian companies on their business activities and investments in Germany. This includes providing project management services and assistance with their market entry, but also advising on all other issues that may arise when doing business in Germany. As our team is familiar with the business practices and the legal particularities in the individual countries, we can provide the best possible support to clients who wish to enter the German market.

Our range of advisory services

  • Assisting Scandinavian and Baltic companies that wish to enter the German market;
  • Assisting with the formation of subsidiaries and branches (there are civil-law notaries among the members of our Nordic Desk team);
  • Supporting clients during contract talks, the initiation of contracts and contract negotiations and advising them on the conclusion and implementation of contracts;
  • Providing corporate law advice regarding all legal forms, including advising on liability issues and corporate compliance;
  • Advising on all aspects of project financing;
  • Setting up and reviewing distribution systems, import, export, sales agency and distribution contracts, and general terms and conditions;
  • Advising on all employment and social security law issues;
  • Assisting with the implementation of real estate transactions, drafting, reviewing and negotiating commercial leases;
  • Providing advice on all matters relating to national and international tax law;
  • Assisting with settlement negotiations and representing clients in court, arbitration and investment protection proceedings, including alternative dispute resolution, as well as providing prevention advice and risk management services;
  • Assisting with restructurings and advising on insolvency law issues.
  • Advising our clients on their market entry in Scandinavia and the Baltic states;
  • Advising on the selection of a reliable law firm in the respective country;
  • Assisting German clients with their business activities in these countries;
  • Advising on cross-border transactions and joint ventures;
  • Providing coordination and project management services jointly with the local law firm.
  • Representation of Vattenfall AB and Vattenfall Europe GmbH in two ICSID arbitration proceedings against the Federal Republic of Germany;
  • Tradedoubler AB – advice on the acquisition of adnologies GmbH;
  • Accore AB – corporate, trademark and employment law advice in connection with the formation of a German subsidiary;
  • BAIC Inc. – advice on the planned acquisition of shares in Saab Automotive AB;
  • BAIC Inc. – advice on the acquisition of automotive platforms from Saab Automotive AB;
  • SAAB AB – advice on the formation of a joint venture for the purpose of bidding for a contract in a public procurement procedure organised by the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr);
  • SAAB AB – advice on the contractual documentation needed to bid for a project in a call for bids organised by the German Air Navigation Services (Deutsche Luftsicherung);
  • Magine AB – advice on entering the German online-TV streaming market;
  • Bonava (formerly, SIAB and NCC) – advice to the German subsidiary on corporate law issues, transactions and financing transactions, ongoing since 1996;
  • Stoneridge AB – advice regarding the insolvency of a German supplier
  • Akelius Group – advice on almost all transactions in Germany, with a total volume of approximately EUR 4 billion to date, ongoing since 2005;
  • WSP Sverige AB – advice on possible ways to restructure the German WSP companies;
  • Aktiebolaget Kuben – advice on the formation of a German subsidiary and acquisition of the business of Marina Systeme GmbH;
  • Collaboration with the Swedish law firm Hammarskiold regarding the takeover of the Swedish Car-o-Liner Group on behalf of the US tool manufacturer and supplier Snap-on;
  • Many years of advice to ArjoHuntleigh GmbH, a member of the Sweden-based Getinge Group;
  • Advice to Warsteiner Brauerei Haus Cramer KG on the permissibility of using a trademark on advertising material, due to the strict regulation of alcohol advertising in Lithuania, as well as assistance with the national trademark application;
  • Advice to the subsidiary of a German group of companies on legal disputes with a Lithuanian contract partner under Lithuanian law in the area of infrastructure, including attending court hearings in Lithuania and assisting with the settlement negotiations;
  • Advice to and out-of-court representation of a Lithuanian furniture company in a dispute with a German supplier and with a German insurance company regarding the enforcement of contractual warranty claims under a master supply agreement;
  • Estonian transport services and logistics company: representation, in and out of court, in various disputes with contract partners regarding failure to perform contractual obligations;
  • UAB Baltic Metal: advice to and representation of a Lithuanian company in arbitration proceedings against a German company regarding a dispute about the supply of large amounts of scrap metal
  • Advice to a Lithuanian group of companies from the consumer goods industry in an out-of-court dispute regarding the enforcement of contractual warranty claims against a German supplier;
  • Advice to a Lithuanian entrepreneur on the formation of a German company for business activities in the area of wholesale and retail trade;
  • Latvian stevedoring company LLC MAN-TESS Tranzits (formerly, SIA Man-Tess Tranzits): advice on claims asserted by the German transport company STG Schleif Transport;
  • Advice to the Latvian company SIA BBRC sports in connection with an action against a German manufacturer of water skiing facilities for repayment of an advance payment made for a water skiing facility not constructed;
  • Internationally operating producer from the renewal energy sector: advice on the implementation of an employee participation programme in the Baltic states;
  • Advice to RETAL Germany GmbH, a manufacturer of so-called preforms for bottles, on the closure of a business and claims for repayment of subsidies. The holding company of RETAL Germany GmbH is based in Lithuania;
  • Advice to the Lithuanian consulting firm Amicorp when providing liquidation advice to a German company.

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Key Contact

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