Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

On our information page you will find comprehensive, cross-sector information on the effects of the COVID-19.

Please contact your direct contact person for all legal questions concerning the effects of COVID-19 you may have. You are also welcome to use our central e-mail address We will then immediately forward your request internally and the responsible contact person will get in touch with you directly.

In this article on the Implementation of the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Safety and Health Standard you can read about the employer's occupational health and safety obligations when regular operations are resumed.


Focused information on the effects of the COVID-19

In our handoutyou will find comprehensive and cross-industry information on the effects of the COVID-19.

Our action plan gives you a basic orientation on the issues relevant to your company as well as a series of practical recommendations if you have identified a person in your company who has become infected with the coronavirus or a corresponding suspicion exists.

Our special newsletter finance provides an overview of currently existing government aid programmes and corona related financial aids and practical assistance in preparing the documents required for an application for a KfW loan by means of editable checklists.

Antitrust Law & COVID-19

Antitrust law practice is adjusting to the current exceptional situation, as you can read in this article by Dr Sebastian Janka and David Wölting.

Here you can read an UPDATE on Competition Law in a State of Emergency in Times of COVID-19 by Dr Sebastian Janka, David Wölting and Roland Schiller

In this Article from 29 May 2020 we give you an Update on Competition Law in a State of Emergency in Times of COVID-19 (30.04.2020)


Commercial & COVID-19

Our special newsletter discusses the effects on supply relationships and events.

Our blog post deals with the effects of the coronavirus on companies and the crises potentially resulting from it, as well as possible restructuring opportunities.

Corporate/M&A & COVID-19

The legal impact of Covid-19 on ongoing M&A transactions - some key issues will be addressed in our special newsletter. We also answer all questions about Corona emergency aid measures for Berlin and Brandenburg entrepreneurs.

Please also read an article by Thomas Weidlich on the effects of the coronavirus on transaction practice in the M&A Review (german version only), the article German vaccine producers in the focus of international investors, Interview  on the legal implications for companies in "DER BETRIEB" with Thomas Weidlich.

Here you can read an Update on corona aid schemes: start of the KfW instant loan.

You can also read our blog posts Corona crisis - (non-) implementation of resolutions affecting liquidity as well as Allowed on an exceptional basis: the virtual general meeting and Securing the entrepreneurial ability to act.

In order to control communicable diseases, certain measures can also be ordered by the competent authorities in Germany. The legal basis for any official orders is to be found in the German Act on the Prevention of and Fight against Infectious Human Diseases (Gesetz zur Verhütung und Bekämpfung von Infektionskrankheiten beim Menschen).

In this article of our Corporate M&A team you can read something about The corona protection shield for start-ups.

Data Protection Law & COVID-19

Information on data protection and corona can be found in our detailed blog post.

Read in this article about working from home in times of corona.

Employent Law & COVID-19

We take a look at the most important HR topics, such as mobile working, health checks, compensation or short-time working. More detailed information on the introduction of short-time working can also be found in our guide.

Our latest article is about short-time working allowance and public holidays.

In this article we deal with the possibilities of action under labour law for voluntary work in times of Corona.

Two videos about labour law in times of Corona have also been published on YouTube:

Corona - Mobiles Arbeiten zwischen Anspruch und Anordnung
Zahlungsansprüche in Covid-19-Zeiten

In this article we deal with the topicDigital decision-making in works council meetings during the corona crisis.

In this blog post we look into the question of whether layoffs for operational reasons are also possible during the short-time work period.

Environment, Planning Law, Regulatory & COVID-19
IT Law & COVID-19

IT companies are particularly susceptible to the effects of the coronavirus owing to their networking nature. According to a survey by the digital association Bitkom, one in four German IT companies expects the new virus to lead to a drop in revenue in 2020. We show you what you need to know, observe and consider.

Article on the legal implications for IT companies in "COMPUTERWOCHE".

Restructuring, Insolvency & COVID-19
State Aid & Covid-19

The most important issues from Brussels in State aid and the Corona pandemic.

Tax Law & COVID-19

The German Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) and the supreme tax authorities of the federal states have decided on various measures to provide tax relief for companies affected by the corona crisis. The aim is to improve liquidity in companies that have got into financial difficulties as a result of the corona crisis.

We would like to give you a brief update on the current status of the measures that we currently consider to be particularly noteworthy.

Automotive & COVID-19

Read an article on the effects of the coronavirus on the automotive industry.

Get here all relevant news from Brussels on Corona-related State aid (also) for the automotive industry.

Blog Mobility&Logistics:Restructuring Post-coronavirus under Pre-coronavirus Conditions?

Finance & COVID-19

Our special newsletter finance provides an overview of currently existing government aid programmes and corona related financial aids and practical assistance in preparing the documents required for an application for a KfW loan by means of editable checklists.

Health Care & COVID-19

During this time of pandemic, we receive daily reports of supply bottlenecks for medicines and medical devices. An article on the pragmatic handling of the Medical Devices Regulation.

Our blog postdiscussesRestrictions on visitation rights in nursing homes and hospitals as a protective measure - legally permissible?.

On 2 April 2020, the EU Commission decided to postpone the start of validity of the new medical device regulation by one year to May 26, 2021, as you can read in our blog. The EU Parliament agreed to this on 17 April 2020.

An article about the recommendation of the EU Commission of simplified conformity assessment and market surveillance procedures for much needed personal protective equipment and other medical devices.

In this article we deal with the regional production of urgently needed masks and protective gowns.

Real Estate

We inform you in our blog posts

Aviation & COVID-19

Airlines and airport operators have been hit particularly hard by the Corona pandemic. Several EU Member states have already responded by providing government support to the airline industry. Read more about it here.

Shipping & COVID-19

Seven of the world's ten most important trading ports are located on the coast of China, so it was only a matter of time before shipping felt the effects of the coronavirus. The shipping industry is being hit by the effects of the virus at an extremely bad time, as the new regulations of the IMO (International Maritime Organization) regarding the permitted sulphur emissions from ships have also been in force since the turn of the year and are leading to additional costs.

The coronavirus is continuing to restrict shipping - does maintaining the movement of goods fail due to port closures and increasingly difficult crew changes?

Focus Belgium & COVID-19

Our Newsflash Belgium 4/2020 deals with the Impact of Covid-19 on Commercial Contracts.

Sport & COVID-19

Read in this article "Sport in the Corona Crisis" about the legal consequences for clubs.

Focus China & COVID-19

The novel coronavirus (Covid-19) and the drastic measures taken by the Chinese authorities to curb new infections are unprecedented and have brought public life in large parts of China almost to a standstill. A multitude of problems and legal questions now arise for both large and small companies.

Webinaron the legal implications for companies operating in China (German version only). If you would like to receive the presentation of the speakers as a PDF file, please send an email to Eva König:

Article on the legal effects of coronavirus on companies and supply chains in "INVESTMENT PLATFORM CHINA / GERMANY.

Download: TOP 10 Corona topics in China - How we can support you in China

Focus Luxembourg & COVID-19
Focus Malaysia & COVID-19

Businesses in Malaysia are severely affected by the Movement Control Order (the “Order”), which came into effect on 18 March 2020 and forced most businesses to close their premises for at least until 31 March 2020. In addition, the rest of the world is fighting the COVID-19 crisis as well and international trade is in distress. In order to support both Malaysia’s businesses as well as the public in these difficult times, both the Malaysian Government and the banking sector are implementing measures to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and ease the long-term consequences. The purpose of this update is to provide you with an overview of the relevant measures and explain how they could help businesses to tackle the current situation.


Jens Heuer-James and Volker Steimle spoke on the topic of "End of the lockdown - supply chains under stress" and provided helpful hints and practical tips for entrepreneurs.
The recording of the second Handelsblatt webinar on 17 April is now available here. (german)

On 2 April, the webinar "Contract Management Supply Chain: How does our legal system distribute the risks?" of the Handelsblatt was held in cooperation with Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft. Here you can see the webinar recording. (german)

OAV webinar on 11 March 2020: "Update on coronavirus - answers to legal questions from practice". You can watch a recording of the webinar here.

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Information on the effects of coronavirus provided by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

Answers to frequently asked questions about the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 provided by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI)

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