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Beyond Corona

Beyond Corona

The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on all areas of economic and political life - locally and globally. The measures that were quickly introduced have presented companies with many challenges - from an organisational perspective, but above all from an economic perspective.  Initiatives, such as the EU rescue package, equity funds and interim aid were adopted and implemented at a rapid pace. But also in the medium and long term, companies will be supported by specific programmes and legislative changes. 

Beyond Corona

Economic and Future Stimulus Package

The German Government has adopted a comprehensive economic and future stimulus package in order to stabilise the German economy in light of the effects of the pandemic and to quickly revive the economy. In addition to tax relief, the overall package includes interim aid, the promotion of innovation, digitalisation and extensive financing opportunities. >>

Restructuring & Insolvency

A significant decline in demand, the temporary shutting down of production and interruptions to supply chains pose major challenges for companies. The global market volatility caused by the pandemic in combination with general market disruptions has increased the risk of financial distress. Restructuring or reorientation concepts have become mandatory in many areas and should be implemented quickly in order to ensure the existence of the company is not jeopardised. >>

Supply Chain Stability

Interruptions to business and supply chains regularly cause serious production losses. Due to their complexity, they are deemed to be particularly high risk. Global crises, especially those that hit companies in various sectors almost unprepared, have had a devastating effect on companies' complex supply and service relationships. >>

Coronavirus Handling Instructions

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed significant challenges to the economy for over six months now and these challenges have not been diminished by the new restrictions. Businesses from all industries are being confronted with far-reaching measures that have been taken as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the help of the "Luther.Risk Check", COVID-19-specific risks can be quickly identified for various business divisions. >>

Challenges to Working Environments

The coronavirus pandemic has had a far-reaching effect on working environments. Lockdowns and stricter hygiene rules have raised numerous issues with regard to the existing work and organisational structures. New and pragmatic, but also quick to install solutions now need to be found. >>

Coronavirus Support

On our COVID-19 information page you can find comprehensive and cross-sectoral information on the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic; this information is constantly being updated. >>