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Christoph Kromer

Tax Advisor
Master in Business Administration
Of Counsel

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
An der Welle 10
60322 Frankfurt a.M.

Phone +49 69 27229 24615

Languages: French, English, German

Curriculum vitae

Christoph Kromer is a tax partner with Luther in Eschborn / Frankfurt. Christoph has 20 years of professional experience as a tax director in large multinational companies and tax partner in Big 4 firms advising companies on tax accounting, tax technology, tax risk management including transfer pricing and tax strategy. Before joining Luther Christoph was leading the service lines for tax technology and tax management services at KPMG Europe.

Previously Christoph has advised multinational clients on tax strategy implementation, tax process optimisation and automation, the design and programming of tax risk management systems as well as transfer pricing master file documentation systems, global tax reporting and tax planning systems, tax assurance for ERP systems and the structuring of shared services or outsourcing in compliance with local tax documentation and retention rules. He is widely experienced in tax settlements and negotiations with the German tax authorities for German based and inbound entities. Christoph is also involved in the establishment of the German EDP accounting systems standards (GoBIT) and the development of the XBRL taxonomy for tax filings.

Christoph lectures on tax accounting and tax risk management in master studies and supervisory board member certifications at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg and at other selected universities. He regularly publishes papers on tax risk management, transfer pricing and tax accounting especially deferred taxes and IFRS.

Areas of Practice

Seine Beratungsschwerpunkte liegen in den Feldern Tax Accounting, Tax Risk Management einschl. Transfer Pricing und Tax Technology. Dazu gehört auch die qualifizierte Beratung bei der Konzeption von steuerlichen Softwarelösungen sowie die Umsetzung steuerlicher Anforderungen in den EDV-Systemen der Unternehmen. Besondere Schwerpunkte liegen in der Konzeption steuerlicher Risikomanagement- und Kontrollsysteme im Einklang mit Corporate Governance-Vorschriften, der Dokumentation von Verrechnungspreisen, der steuerlichen Strukturierung von Shared Services und Outsourcing-Aktivitäten einschließlich der Durchführung von Abstimmungen mit Finanzverwaltungen. Daneben verfügt er über umfangreiche Erfahrungen in den Bereichen M&A, Internationale Steuerplanung und bei der steuerlichen Begleitung von Börsengängen.