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Zanner Christian

Wegener Daniel

Luther adds to its private construction and architectural law team: Prof. Christian Zanner joins Berlin office starting in June 2017

Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH is expanding in the construction and architectural law consulting field by adding another prominent expert: as of 1 June 2017, Prof. Christian Zanner (55) will be joining the Luther Berlin office as a partner, alongside his long-time colleague Daniel Wegener (39) as counsel.

Prof. Christian Zanner and Daniel Wegener are coming to us as a seasoned team from the Berlin firm Wollmann & Partner, which specialises in real estate law. Their clients include primarily large construction firms and investors, as well as architects and project developers, whom they advise on all questions related to private construction and architectural law in their roles as either clients or contractors. For many years, their work has focused on project-based consulting for complex construction projects, starting from the tendering and award process, through contractual design and negotiation, legal consulting during the construction process, and extending to defence against supplemental claims. Besides his work as an attorney, Prof. Zanner teaches private construction law at various universities and is the chair of the Deutscher Baurechtstag e.V. (German Construction Law Conference).

Prof. Christian Zanner on the move: "With 10 locations in Germany, a strong and prestigious practice group and a successful real estate law team in Berlin, Luther offers ideal conditions. This set-up will allow me to not only continue expertly advising my Berlin clients, but also offer even better consulting services to our nationwide clients as well. I am looking forward to collaborating with colleagues at Luther, whose work I have valued greatly for many years."

Achim Meier, Head of real estate practice at Luther, Essen: "We are very pleased to be collaborating with Prof. Zanner and Mr. Wegener. This collaboration is also an expression of our consistent, targeted strategy of expansion in real estate law, which plays a key role in the overall strategy of our firm. With this move, we are underscoring our ambition to serve as an integrated counsel for all real estate law matters."

Prof. Dr. Robert von Steinau-Steinrück, location manager of Luther, Berlin: "Prof. Zanner is a major asset for us in a highly dynamic real estate market. He has been involved in numerous prominent projects and has an excellent network, including the real estate and the public sectors. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation with Prof. Zanner."

About Prof. Christian Zanner

Prof. Zanner is a lawyer and specialist attorney in construction and architectural law who was admitted to the bar in 1993. In the years that followed, he held positions such as head of the Berlin office of HFK Rechtsanwälte LLP, before becoming a partner at the Wollmann & Partner law firm in 2010.

Prof. Zanner's consulting work has focused on private construction and architectural law, including construction tendering processes.

His clients include major construction companies, property owners, and investors, as well as architects and project developers, government entities, public bodies and real estate associations.

Since 2002, Prof. Zanner has been an associate lecturer in construction tendering and construction contract law under VOB/B (Construction Tendering and Contract Regulations, Part B) and since 2011 he has been an honorary professor for "construction contract law and VOB" at the Technical University of Berlin.

Besides his seminars and professional presentations at the Technical University, Prof. Zanner also holds regular seminars at Berlin's Humboldt University and the Berlin University of Applied Sciences on civil construction law.

Prof. Zanner is well-known and respected across the country as an expert in the private construction law field, a reputation underscored by his inclusion as one of the "Best lawyers in the construction law field" in the "Handelsblatt" trade journal every year since 2013. In addition, he also serves as an arbitrator and mediator in construction disputes.

Recent publications:

  • Zanner, VOB/B nach Ansprüchen, Springer Vieweg Verlag Wiesbaden, 6th ed. 2017
  • Franke/Kemper/Zanner/Grünhagen/Mertens, VOB Kommentar Bauvergaberecht Bauvertragsrecht Bauprozessrecht, Werner Verlag Düsseldorf, 6th ed. 2017

About Daniel Wegener

Daniel Wegener has worked as a lawyer since 2006, and since 2012 as a specialist attorney for construction and architectural law in the area of private construction law, architectural and engineering law.

From 2006 to 2010, he served in a mid-sized Berlin attorney and notarial firm, then worked with Wollmann & Partner up until his move to Luther.

Daniel Wegener advises construction groups and mid-sized construction companies as both clients and contractors (for instance in turnkey construction; as general contractors; as ARGE members; opposite subcontractors) including contractual design, construction project advising, and in supplemental claim and defect management. In addition, he also advises architects, engineers, and project managers (during project work, in liability cases, in commission questions) and property developers (during project work, towards purchasers, towards contractors). Another of his focal areas is project consulting for the completion of complex (large-scale) construction projects. In addition, Daniel Wegener prepares expert opinions on complex construction law questions.