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Philipp Dietz

Dr. Michael Krömker

Energy supplier: Luther advises Dutch firm Eneco on its participation in green energy provider LichtBlick

Dutch energy company Eneco acquires a 50 per cent interest in German energy and IT firm LichtBlick. Eneco was legally advised by Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft during the entire transaction process.

LichtBlick is a leading green energy provider in Germany and supplies 645,000 customers with clean energy. Further, the firm is developing digital energy services for its customers. Eneco is a market-leader in the generation and sale of sustainable energy in the Netherlands, and supplies more than two million customers. Eneco also operates in Belgium, France and Great Britain.

Eneco and LichtBlick aim to jointly develop smart energy solutions for private and business customers, based on the decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitalisation and democratisation megatrends of global energy markets. Moreover, Eneco is backing LichtBlick in its ambition to become Germany's leading green energy supplier and to grow even more profitable – including by taking over other providers' customer bases.

The transaction is subject to approval from the antitrust authorities.


About Eneco
Eneco is a globally active business in the field of renewable energies, headquartered in Rotterdam (Netherlands). It employs 6,700 staff and operates in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, France and Belgium. In addition to generating, selling, trading and delivering energy, Eneco supplies over 2 million businesses and households with energy. In 2015, the Eneco Group generated a turnover of almost €4.3 billion.


About LichtBlick
LichtBlick is an energy and IT company, which was founded in 1998. Today, the company is Germany's biggest independent provider of green energy (by customer numbers): LichtBlick provides more than 645,000 customers with green electricity and green gas. Through its product SchwarmDirigent®, the innovative company is developing its energy revolution IT platform for the intelligent networking of decentralised power plants, storage units and loads. LichtBlick is working with WWF Germany to promote the energy revolution. The firm is headquartered in Hamburg, and employs 500 passionate staff. In 2015, LichtBlick achieved sales of €670 million.


On behalf of Eneco

Luther, Mergers & Acquisitions/Corporate: Philipp Dietz, LL.M. (Cologne) and Dr Michael Krömker, MBA (Dusseldorf) (both Lead Partners), Dr Felix Stamer (Dusseldorf), Fabian Mimberg, LL.M. (Cologne)

Luther, Antitrust and Regulation Law: Dr Holger Stappert (Partner), Dr Angelo Vallone (Counsel), Franz-Rudolf Groß, LL.M. (Counsel) (all Dusseldorf)

Luther, Employment Law: Stefanie Prehm (Partner, Cologne), Florian Marquardt (Frankfurt)

Luther, IT and IP Law: Dr Michael Rath (Partner), Christoph Maiworm (both Cologne), Dr Patrick Schlieper (Dusseldorf), Sebastian Laoutoumai, LL.M. (Essen)

Luther, Real Estate Law: Dr Philipp Pröbsting, Maître en droit (Partner, Dusseldorf)

Luther, Commercial and Distribution Law: Benjamin Schwenker (Dusseldorf)

Luther, Tax Law: Nicole Fröhlich (Partner), Tilo Künstler (both Frankfurt am Main)

Luther, Insurance Law: Dr Alexander Mönnig, LL.M. (Counsel, Hamburg)